Conuty Line Town Hall

Town of County Line Business License

By Law, (Town Ordinance: 2009-001), Businesses are required to obtain a business license from The Town of County Line, to conduct business within the Town Limits. Business Licenses are vaild for the calendar year in which it is issued. License fees are due on January 1 and delinquent after January 31 of each year.

The licenses are based on the gross income gained within the town limits of County Line, Alabama. The Minimum license fee is $120.00 for the full year and $60.00 for businesses that start conducting business within the Town limits after July 1st of the license year.  

To apply for a Business License from the Town of County Line, download the ' Business License Application' and ' Income Affidavit' forms from the web site. Using Adobe Reader, fill out 'Income Affidavit' stating your Gross Income earned for the previous year ( Income Gained within the City Limits of the Town of County Line, AL.) and then print the completed form. Repeats the steps using Adobe Reader to fill out the 'Business License Application' and then print the completed form. Mail the completed forms along with the Business License Fee payment to the address listed below.

Town of County Line
P.O. Box 130
Trafford AL., 35172
Business License Application

Income Affidavit