Conuty Line Town Hall


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Town of County Line Alabama Ordinances


Existing ordinances will be scanned and made
available for review or download as a Adobe PDF document.

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1997-02Zoning OrdinanceOrdinance-1997-02.pdf
1997-03Ordinance Establishing License Fees for Residential Properties as R2Ordinance-1997-03.pdf
2009-01Business License OrdinanceOrdinance-2009-01.pdf
2010-004Business License - Landfill OrdinanceOrdinance-2010-004.pdf
2010-01Business License - Cell Towers OrdinanceOrdinance-2010-01.pdf
2010-02Ordinance to Require Building and Construction and Construction Permits and to Establish Fees Therefor.Ordinance-2010-02.pdf
2012-09-04County Line Municipal Park OrdinanceOrdinance-2012-09-04.pdf
2012-10-09Am Ordinance to Levy a 2% Sa1es TaxOrdinance-2012-10-09.pdf
2013-001Ad Valorem Tax OrdinanceOrdinance-2013-001.pdf
2016-001"Pursuant To Section 11-51-200 Et. Seq., Code Of Alabama 1975: This Ordinance Levies A Privilege, License Or Excise Tax Against Persons, Firms, Or Corporations Storing, Using, Or Otherwise Consuming Or Engaged In The Business Of Selling At Retail Tangible Personal Property Or Conducting Places Of Amusement In The Town Of County Line, Alabama And Provides For Penalties For The Violation Of This Ordinance"Ordinance-2016-001.pdf
2016-11-07-01Ordinance to Establish Counciil ProceduresOrdinance-2016-11-07-01.pdf
2017-001An Ordinance Regulating Parking Along Town Stree and Adjoining Town Property in the Twon Limits of County Line Alabama.Ordinance-2017-001.pdf
2019-001Ordinance Adopting Blount County Alabama Subdivision Regulations.Ordinance-2019-001.pdf
2020-001Council and Mayor Pay OrdinanceOrdinance-2020-001.pdf
2020-002Ordinance to Establish Counciil ProceduresOrdinance-2020-002.pdf
2020-003Building Permit Ordinance 2010-02 AmendmentOrdinance-2020-003.pdf
2021-001Mobile Home and Mobile Home Park OrdinanceOrdinance-2021-001.pdf