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County Line Town Council Resolutions

All resolutions that are available will be posted here.

Resolutin NumberResolution TitleResolution PDF
2010-03-01Council Member AppointmentResolution-2010-03-01.pdf
2010-04-20"South Blount Grading, LLC Fee and Severance Tax"Resolution-2010-04-20.pdf
2010-09-14Council Member AppointmentResolution-2010-09-14.pdf
2010-12-14Solid Waste Management Plan Public HearingResolution-2010-12-14.pdf
2011-01-28SoiId Waste Management Plan Approval Resolution-2011-01-28.pdf
2011-04-12-1Approving Solid Waste Management PlanResolution-2011-04-12-1.pdf
2011-08-09Host Government Approval for Solid Waste LandfillResolution-2011-08-09.pdf
2014-001Host Government Approval for Solid Waste Landfill RescindedResolution-2014-001.pdf
2016-002Resolution Establishing the Use of Electronic Vote Counting DevicesResolution-2016-002.pdf
2018-001The Dallas/Selfville Volunteer Fire DepartmentResolution-2018-001.pdf
2018-002The Reversion of Sub-Division to Farm UseResolution-2018-002.pdf
2018-003Inter-Local Agreement Regional Jefferson County Outdoor Warning Siren System MaintenanceResolution-2018-003.pdf
2019-001A Resolution Granting the Petition For Annexation of Property Into The Town Limits of County Line AlabamaResolution-2019-001.pdf
2019-001-01Rebuild Alabama Motor Fuel Act PlanResolution-2019-001-01.pdf
2019-002FEMA Pre-Disaster Mitigation Grant ApplicationResolution-2019-002.pdf
2020-001Resolution Establishing the Use Of Electronic Vote Counting DevicesResolution-2020-001.pdf
2020-002Resolution Declaring a Town wide State Of Emergency Approving And Authorizing Necessary Budget Amendments And The Necessary Emergency Actions Regarding Covid-19.Resolution-2020-002.pdf
2020-003To declared duly elected to the office of Council Member Place 1 Resolution-2020-003.pdf
2020-004To declared duly elected to the office of Council Member Place 2Resolution-2020-004.pdf
2020-005To declared duly elected to the office of Council Member Place 3Resolution-2020-005.pdf